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We're pleased to offer a secure service for the members of St. Paul United Methodist Church - Access ACS.


For many years, St. Paul has used ACS Technologies software products for financial and attendance record keeping purposes. For additional security, we also use ACS for our off-site record storage on their secure, private server. Now, we've added the additional capabilities for our St. Paul church family members to access their personal records, e-mail church members or access the church directory online.


Setting up your computer to use this service is safe and simple.

  1. E-mail our your current e-mail address that you use to send and receive e-mails. Our database records will be reviewed and updated.

  2. Use the link Access ACS to connect to the ACS secure server. On this screen, simply click on the option to set up a new login.

  3. On the account set up page, type in your current e-mail address and a password that you select and submit. You will now be logged into your account.

Once you log in, you will see a screen that has a number of options that you can explore including the information that you currently have in the church database, committees of the church, a church directory, etc. If you find that there is an update needed on your record, you can also send in a request to have your record changed. Again it's safe, secure and user friendly!